"I learned so much, very quickly and easily, through the online course." -Cameron, Finally Home! graduate.

The first-time homebuyer's guide to homeownership.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to purchase a home? Our Finally Home! homebuyer education course is designed to walk you through the process and help prepare you for this very important investment. Finally Home! can help you get a better rate, understand the different loan types, find the right property and lender, learn about credit, avoid costly mistakes, and may even help qualify you for down payment assistance. Begin learning the tools you need to make homeownership, not just a dream, but a reality. Get prepared for home buying, take Finally Home! today! Online and in-person course options are available..


This class was incredibly comprehensive and I learned quite a bit that I didn’t know, thank you!

The course was very helpful for me to gain a clear understanding of the home-buying process.

I learned a lot more than expected. I thought I knew everything, but this course proved me wrong.

Great program and keep up the good work. I will encourage all of my friends who are in the same position as I am in life to enroll in this program to ease their first home-buying experience.

Very good program I would recommend it to all!

This course thoroughly covered every aspect of the home-buying process.

With Finally Home! Homebuyer Education, you will learn about:

Understanding Credit
Homeownership Readiness
Available Loans
Transaction Assistance
Closing Process
Purchasing Costs

With Finally Home! Homebuyer Education, you can:

  • Make educated and smart decisions
  • Determine when you are ready to purchase a home
  • Determine what type of home you are looking for
  • Understand what you can afford
  • Have a strong foundation for starting the process
  • Learn about financing options